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Mobility simplified

Who is Sayaraty

Sayaraty is a point-to-point car sharing service, providing an innovative and seamless smart mobility solution to the residents of Dubai.

Taking you places the smart way, with cars spread across Dubai waiting for you to get going.

Why Sayaraty

  • Freedom of going to places without owning a car
  • Pay as you go pricing – per minute and per hour
  • You pay for the time, the rest is on us
  • Fuel, parking and insurance included
  • Fully automated and self-accessing service
  • Brand new, neat and clean cars at your disposal
  • Reserve Sayaraty anywhere, drive it anywhere and drop it anywhere in the Home Zone.

Mobility Simplified
Sayaraty - Convenience and Simplicity


  • Register for Sayaraty by uploading your documents
  • Wait for processing and approval
  • Once done you are good to go, wait for the card or download Sayaraty app and get started


  • Use Sayaraty app or website to locate a car near you.
  • Reserve Sayaraty up to 30 minutes in advance.


  • Use Sayaraty app to unlock the car when next to it or simply use your card.
  • *Ensure that vehicle is in good condition and has no damage, if there is any report it.


  • Start driving, go anywhere in your new Sayaraty, it’s all yours.

Select Parking

  • Sayaraty can be parked for free in any of the Dubai’s public parking spaces located within the Home Zone.

Surely Affordable

  • Its light on your pocket, with minute and hourly rates it’s the most attractive service.
  • Not to forget that fuel, parking and insurance is on us.

Sayaraty is Yours

A 5 seater mid-sized sedan, perfect for a tour around the city, quick errands, work trip, weekend getaway car, meeting someone or for an exciting road trip.

What are you waiting for, get on board, become part of the car sharing community, be the CHANGE

Locate Sayaraty

Find it, Drive it!
Yup it’s that easy, you read it right.

The Circle

Our Rates

Enjoy smart mobility and freedom at highly affordable rates.
Don’t subtract monthly car payments from your sushi budget, use Sayaraty *

Per minute rate


AED 0.50

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Per hour rate


AED 30.00

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Per day rate


AED 175.00

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